240th anniversary of the United States Army

Aviv Moon Productions on Base


In June, Aviv Moon Productions had the honor to shoot the production of the 240th anniversary of the United States Army. Friday, June 12th, at 7am, the crew pulled out from our studio in Charlotte, NC and drove to Festival Park in Fayetteville, NC, near Fort Bragg. It was a long 15-hour day of production (commute included). However, it was very rewarding and a delight to be at – even though we were at “work.” The US Army had several of their “toys” at Festival Park, allowing the public to see first hand how certain artillery works. (NOTE: there’s a photo of me sitting in a Hum-vee controlling the weaponry on the roof of the vehicle)

The actual production went smoothly using 4 distinct cameras. It was fast-paced production requiring precise queues and our entire crew was fully engaged and on target.
It’s always a special feeling to be around our United States Military. The honor that is displayed along with our shear intrigue from being around our armed forces sets our heart in motion for crisp precision. When we were around our armed forces in Fayetteville, we felt as though we were looking in the mirror. We are a full service crew, handling production from start to finish. It’s typically the same people who go on a remote shoot, set up for it, break it down, and then edit it. Our motto is “creativity without compromise.” In the production world, we are clean, crisp, honorable, striving always for precision and excellence.
Personally, this was one of my favorite shoots.

Written by: Ariel Steagall, Director of Television